Bad MoFo

The most fun I’ve ever had working on a project was when Bad Idea partner, Matt Wood and I produced our Bad Idea promo, “Bad MoFo.” It didn’t come without significant investments in labor and hard costs but it was loads of fun to produce.

Cast members include Rochelle Vannoy as the screaming woman in the “Visitor” trailer. Steve Connolly, a real life Elvis impersonator, as the retro police officer getting ready to bag the bad guy. Dan McCoy as a cop-dodging perp who delivers the thoughtful line, “Suck this, pig!” (and no, that’s not his real fro). My neighbor’s daughter, Maya who is actually eighteen. Dave Woolston as the creepy perv trying to pick up an underage girl with a line I use on my wife all the time, “Hey baby, how much?” And, of course, Matt and I with real staches that took weeks to grow.

If you’re in the market for truly unique content, head over to Bad Idea Motion Studios right now. And remember, only BAD can deliver the GOODS!

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Jetpack Rumble

Every once in a while, that axiom about the best jobs being your own gets dropped on its head. That happened some time ago when Ronnie Parker asked me to produce a cartoon promo for Boost Creative. The details were to include Ronnie, his business partner and a mail order jetpack that caused instant mayhem upon its arrival. I produced the entire piece in Adobe Flash and later ported it to video. The entire process, although frustrating at times due to the software limitations of the time, was, start to finish, the most fun I’ve ever had working for someone else. Thanks Ronnie!

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